NORD PLUS JUNIOR projekta otrā vizīte Latvijā (19.-23.01.2015)

Student’s reviews on the trip to Valmiera, Latvia

Last week (from 19 to 23 January), four of my classmates and me, Nikita Luzhkov, participated in the project Nord +. All events were held at the highest level and were very interesting and exciting. Most of all, I was impressed by the trip to Riga and Flash mob.
Firstly, I will tell you about the Flash mob. To tell you the truth, it was the most fun and enjoyable as well as friendly occupation. I will never forget our teacher, Olita. She is a very friendly and positive person. But let’s move to the dance. At first, we had a trial game: we threw a soft toy and whoever caught it, called his name. Then this person threw the toy and pronounced the name of the person who had given it to him. Then Olita and Mary had a short warm-up to the music with dancing movements. And then the fun began! We had to learn the dance, which consisted of the movements devised by each of us. In general, it was fun.
The trip to Riga was also exciting. As soon as we arrived in Riga, we began a tour through the Old town. I can tell you many things about it, but in brief, it was interesting and very informative. I saw and learned a lot. After the tour, the whole group went to the cinema. We watched the movie “The Seventh Son”. All students, and especially me, really liked the movie. Then we had a hearty meal and went to the Russian Drama Theatre to wait for our teachers, who watched a performance. During this time, I talked with my new friends from Latvia and Olita. This allowed us to become even closer.
If we describe the whole trip to Latvia in a nutshell, it was GREAT. It was so good that it was very difficult to leave.
Nikita Luzhkov, form 8B,
L. Karsavin school.

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This trip was my first experience in the travel-exchange project. I was very nervous before I left, but on my arrival in Latvia I realized that I liked it to be there. The host family was very kind and hospitable.
  I want to share one event of the trip.
             On the day of our departure we went to the ski slopes to ski and sledge. At first, I thought it was not a very good idea, because I do not really like skiing and mountains. But when I got up on my skis and started to move down the mountain again and again, I felt the pleasure of the speed that skiing develops. I will remember this day for a lifetime, because I really enjoyed skiing and the whole trip! I want to thank the project Nord Plus Junior for this amazing opportunity and experience in another country! The trip was just super!
Nikita Semenov, form 8B,
L. Karsavin school



P1220243In January 2015 my classmates, teachers and me visited Valmiera (Latvia) with the project NORD +. The essence of the project is that students from different countries (in this case, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Finland) pay a visit to the participating countries and even live there in families.
Valmiera met us very well and we all were satisfied. We attended classes at a local school, walked around the city, visited Riga, went to the skiing slopes, located 2km from Valmiera. We were always busy with something interesting and meaningful. That’s what I liked.
Most of all I liked the trip to Riga. On the way there and back, we were having fun in the bus, talked with our new friends. In the capital city we admired the beauty of its architecture. Also, we went to the cinema and had a great time there.
Our Lithuanian team made great friends with the local kids. They were very positive and cheerful. In general, it was fun.
I really enjoyed the trip and now I am looking forward to the arrival of guests in March. Participation in this project has expanded my social cognition, I found new friends, learned a lot about the culture of Latvia. I feel pleased.
Vladas Prishmont, form 8B,
L.Karsavin school

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